Photo Credit:   Paul Crisanti   c. 2015

Photo Credit: Paul Crisanti c. 2015

Gilded Records is a Chicago-based label run by Phil Sudderberg and Eli Namay. The operation is dedicated to the dissemination of music that challenges hierarchic value systems and commercially influenced aesthetics. We assert this music as an artistic challenge to the Spectacle, as well as a means of moment affirmation and mental liberation.

At the heart of our mission is the practice of pan-disciplinary improvisation and creative composition. We document and present these sounds as a documentarian would film an event. We do not wish to present recorded music as a replacement for live music, nor do we wish to use these recordings as a means of commodifying the musicians or ourselves. 

Realizing these principles has been made possible through Gilded Records' ongoing Foundation Series. Each month we invite two or three groups to perform in an intimate listening setting that involves food, drink, and informal conversation. We host this series with the intentional effort of creating a space for de-commodified personal connection. We are offering select recordings from this series here.

You can check out the music that we have released physical copies of here.

All of the money that Gilded Records makes goes back into the work that we do. If you like what you hear, and are in the position to contribute, all donations are appreciated.