Artwork by   Sam Klickner

Artwork by Sam Klickner


A spurious tunnel system: “How many times can it collapse?” asks the self-titled debut from Vibrating Skull Trio. Communally culled from a season’s worth of the collective improvisation from John McCowen (clarinet), Eli Namay (electric bass and prepared guitar), and Phil Sudderberg (percussion), the music is bleached and suspicious. There is joking at one’s expense. Wordless alliances form in passing and fall apart just as easily. A place where steel wool covers screens, mannequins stand sweating, and rebar fills abandoned pools. Whole swaths of sounds are ignorant to their own genesis, all of it dumb in a certain sense until the vacancy of technique twitches brightly to listen to itself.

"Despite the chaos, what distinguishes Vibrating Skull Trio from being just another noise group is their intense and refined interplay—each musician is an adept listener, responding to spontaneous gestures or phrases with quicksilver alertness."

-Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

"Their music projects both a breadth of knowledge and the confidence to shuffle the history pages."

-Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine